Journeying to the other side of Breast Cancer: All is Well…

I got a call from my oncologist yesterday evening. He told me the MRI I had of both breasts last week showed “something” in my left breast that appears to be a small tumor at the base of the sight where the original tumor was. As I listened to his words, I was surprised by how calm and unaffected I was by what he was saying. I listened intently and asked questions to get as much clarity as I could regarding this “something” that has infiltrated by breast, yet again.

When I got off the phone, I immediately shared the results with my oldest daughter. As I heard myself repeating his words, I felt nothing but extreme peace. Inside I knew, no matter what the outcome of all of this, I AM HEALED and all is well. My oncologist sent a message to my breast surgeon to request she see me this week to discuss what our next step should be. I woke up this morning with only the scripture in the image I created below (Matthew 5:45) on my mind.

For today, I am determined to rest in perfect peace, knowing there is an expected end to all of this and on other side of it is my total, complete healing!

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